Sunday, December 14, 2008

Birthday Challenge Round 2

So back last summer I learned about fun things to do on your birthday. Could there be ANYTHING better than swimming, biking, and running on your birthday? You own special birthday triathlon? Well, we took the platinum challenge for Rich's birthday. It was fun. Best of all, we swam OUTSIDE, we biked OUTSIDE, and ran OUTSIDE. Do you think that would happen in December? In Highland? Are you crazy? Well, after fueling up with a bowl of oatmeal and tasty smoothies by yours truely, we headed over to the bubble.

We snapped this picture just after we finished. HTFU is all that I can say. 4 miles is a long freakin way. All I can say is that it's a good thing I have this. We did the 4 miles in just under 3 hours (I know - nice and slow but again, it's a long way).

After pigging out on a mushroom, swiss burger and Butterfinger shake at JCW's it was time to move on to the bike. 42 miles on the trainer is a LONG freaking way when you're not actually moving anywhere. To pass the time we watched the Ironman CdA 08 replay, then the Ironman World Championships 08 at Kona, and then the half Ironman St. Croix. It certainly gets you pumped watching those incredible athletes. We finished the 42 miles right around 2 hours. On to the run!

After 3 hours in the pool and 2 hours on the bike, 14-15 minutes on the treadmill was a piece of cake. I'm pretty tired but certainly the endorphins are flowing today. What a great way to celebrate birthday #42 (which is actually tomorrow unless you are talking about me "legal" birthday which is on Monday). Happy Birthday to me! I do dread the day when I'm 59, or worse 69!

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Kona Shelley said... guys look like complete STUDS!! Happy Birthday from a canuckie who will also be having one in a few days..sigh!