Friday, December 05, 2008

WeCU - We See You

That's apparently the new technology that you'll soon find at airports to keep terrorists from hijacking planes and flying them into buildings. Philip Baum, a London chap, says "The archaic system of an X-ray machine and metal detector cannot pick up other potential threats posed by passengers. I can have a ceramic weapon or chemical weapon and walk through an archway metal detector and it won't be picked up. Yet we have a huge faith in these metal detectors that can only pick up one substance."

Another "consultant" said "It is possible today to hijack an aircraft using only five or six able-bodied passengers who are well-trained in Kung Fu fighting. There's no technology in place in airports to detect a threat like that."

Kind of scares me but it also cracks me up at the same time. Is that possible? I travel all the time. I have personally seen with my own eyes that when a pilot needs to take a potty break, the able and noble flight attendants pull out a drink or trash cart and block the aisle so NO ONE can get through. They also use hand signals to motion people to stay far away from the front of the plane. I'd like to see 6 Kung Fu pandas try and penetrate that!

So basically, the idea with this "new" technology is that they (Big Brother) will be able to passenger's behavior intentions by simply scanning their every step. You'll step on these "small carpet pieces" strategically placed throughout the airport. These carpet pieces will have hidden biometric sensors in them and will determine what your intentions are. They also plan on putting similar sensors in the seats in the waiting area.

Now THAT is cool! We could then move into all other areas of of society. We could use these at work to determine if our employees are stealing from us are have any "intention" of working. We could use them at home to see if our kids are going to do their homework, or clean up their rooms or get involved in some mischief.

The applications are limitless! Want to read for yourself? More here.

Do you have any ideas where we could use this?


Diana and Fam said...

That is crazy! Cool but crazy! What is someone is nervous about proposing? Does that mean the sensors will freak out thinking the person is nervous cuz they are about to do something illegal? Interesting!

Lydia said...

Arrie will be dating in a couple of years, could we use it to scan her dates and make sure they have the right intentions toward her? If we could Robert might think about letting her date.

Kevin said...

You left out the BIG KAHUNA. Church. Think of the implications! No more need for tithing settlement, YEAH!
Oh, and I'm sure some numnut is going to suggest something about BYU-YEWTAH in this thread but I'll just leave 'em to it.