Sunday, December 07, 2008

False advertising or is this really true?

While doing part of my "online" Christmas shopping tonight I came across this product. My son likes this product line for the shower gel and deodorant. Here are the features of this particular body spray:

- long lasting fragrance (okay, that's good)
- stimulates the clothing-removal section of the female brain (is there really a section of a female brain that controls that? I'm me seriously?)
- feel as good as you smell (okay, that's good)
- smell like a hunk of man candy all day long (man candy? can I have a bite out of you?)
- effective protection (exactly what kind of protection are we talking about here?)


Quelly said...

hmn... maybe I should 'gift' some of this stuff to the guys in my singles branch... it just might speed things up a bit.

Lydia said...

Maybe not the product you want for your teenage son or one that I want my teenaged daughters friends wearing.