Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ok, a pro I am not!

Okay, I realize that most experts say that you're not supposed to workout late at night. That usually doesn't bother me too much. I wanted to run earlier but spending time with the kids and then doing my "home teaching" it was a bit late. Didn't stop me. So I've been reading Jessi Stensland's blog lately. She's cute. Yesterday she wrote about a simple speed workout and I thought I would try it. I am not a runner (okay, I was a sprinter in my younger days) but running is my weakness. I need to get better. These kind of workouts MUST help. They just MUST. So here it is:

10 min warm up @ 7 mph
4 X (90sec @ 10 mph + 30sec rest)
4 X (30sec @ 11 mph + 15sec rest)
4 X (90sec @ 10 mph + 30sec rest)

I stuck to it pretty well but my 11 mph with only 15 sec rest probably was more like 30 seconds and my last couple of 10 mph runs probably had closer to 60 seconds in between. I was dying! My HR was around 186+. It rarely gets that high. I'm thinking to myself, "Don't die, don't die, just breathe and live." Anyhow, the Sandbagger lives.


gojessi said...

Hey! Great job on the workout! Like i mentioned - i didn't start out being about to do it, but always great to feel/see improvements when I incorporate it! Integrate short intervals like that to tax your anaerobic threshold 2 x per week and you'll see awesome results while taxing your body very little (compared to longer workouts.) ALSO: great job taking the rest you needed, but keeping the time for the hard stuff. As i mentioned, the goal would be to either go faster/harder with same rest OR same intensity but require less rest. mix it up!!! and keep me posted :) Best! Jessi

j_e said...


I need to get my training plan all laid out in my planner and get to work. the 20-week plan for Ironman Boise starts in mid January.

I still need more base running miles.