Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Law of the Garbage Can

Back last May I wrote about "The Law of the Garbage Truck". I follow David's blog faithfully. If you haven't added his blog to your blogroll I would highly suggest it as day to day helpful "this is life" encouragement. Anyhow, so you understand this law. Now let me introduce you to the "Law of the Garbage Can". Many companies are going green and moving to a better environment in the workplace. I was working with Company A this week and this is what their garbage cans look like. There is a smaller garbage can inside the regular can. This smaller one is that one that you use for actual garbage and the bigger one is used for recycled waste (but not paper because that goes in a different bin. Furthermore, this is regularly (and strongly) policed by the company and violations are reported. If you are not in compliance you will indeed get sent a repremand via e-mail. I thought that this was completely hilarious. Do you have this at YOUR work? Let me know. One of the guys that I was working with often likes to play pranks on other coworkers by filling up their tiny "waste" can and getting them in trouble. Anyhow, that's where we are headed. Don't put your trash in the trash can, put it in the smaller trash can.


Kona Shelley said...

We have those exact things at our work. PLUS, we have a recycle container on our floor...and a shredder. We are anal here about recycling. Each room also has it's own bottle/can recycle bin.
No pranks here though..;-))

Candeo said...

Yah, working in Seattle 10 years ago I got used to this whole rigamarole. Here is the funny thing though. You need to ASK your company exactly what happens to the "recycled" waste. I have found out at more than one company I have worked for that it is all for looks. At the end of the day all the trash gets put in the same dumpster and sent to the land fill. No kidding. It really happens. ASK! Don't just assume it is all worked out.