Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Swimming in Heaven

Okay, I know that I need to finish my "novel" recap of Ironman Oceanside. I'm almost finished. But I just had to write about my newest training tool. When we were at Oceanside we ran into a couple of guys from H2O Audio. They were about to release their newest product, the iSH2 waterproof headset for the iPod shuffle. So of course I ordered one for me and one for Tri-Rich the first opportunity I had. It is awesome. Anyone that swims, I highly recommend it. I know that there is a swim MP3 player out there that works on bone conduction. I've never tried it so I really can't compare. All I know is mine ROCKS! Lap swimming will never be the same. My hour in the pool tonight was over before I knew it. I probably need to do a better job in selecting the proper music as I noticed that I would swim a bit too fast with some of the songs I was listening to. Anyhow, there you have it. Now if only a new Tri bike could be as easy and cheap. Oh, one thing to note, when I swim I remove the plastic neckband and clip it directly to my swim goggles. Cool, eh?


A Bit of Paris 2 U said...

can you use this without goggles, I don't wear goggles when I swim so I need something that will work for me without the goggles? any suggestions?

R. Jeffrey Davis said...

I find it hard to imagine swimming without goggles. Actually, I did that once not long ago. It was just a few weeks before the Oceanside Ironman and I needed some time in the pool. For some reason I didn't have my goggles but I swam anyway. Talk about complete torture. My eyes watered for hours after that.

Back to your question, the iHS2 headset comes with a plastic wrap-around neck attachment. I'm sure that will work for you just fine.

I would reconsider swimming with goggles.

Brett said...

A few comments to add:

I've had my iHS2 headset for a month now.

I also ditched the wrap-around neck attachment. They are adjustable fore and aft, but the angle of the headphones into the ear just wasn't working for me.

I'm a little concerned about the headphone wires. Seem a might thin and, since they are an integrable part of the unit, a potential point of failure.

That said, I am very pleased. Music makes swimming laps a much more enjoyable event...which means I am more likely to hit the pool when I should.


ja9 said...

I was wondering if the earbuds really seal out the water and if the equipment stays in place well? I have an endless pool so I swim against a current. Sometimes my goggles don't stay in place.