Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Saturday night at the Tox Box

Arriving at ESA. I still call it the Delta Center.

The Bear came by and covered us with silly string. You can see the Bear in the background walking on the railing.

Of course the Jazz pounded the Nuggets. We really enjoyed sitting so close to the floor.

Outside, after the game,drinking Powerade and posing in front of the statue of John Stockton.

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Sean Ryan said...

Man I miss the Jazz. I miss living in Utah, don't tell Suzi, all the time! Except the weather. Love that you took your boys to the game. Wish I could have that moment. There is no way I'm taking the boys to a Kings game, hate them. Even to the point that I would rather watch the Jazz play the Kings on TV. That's a problem too because I hate the local play by play and color guys. FYI Loved the silly string shot.