Friday, August 01, 2008

Yummy yummy

Okay, just a quick post. Back in May we planted our garden. We were really excited to see so many vegetables grow . Although I haven't taken a picture of it recently, it is growing just fine. Kath commented that she wanted to see a picture 2 months later so that she could get a good laugh. We've been eating snap peas for a few weeks now but tonight was a big feast. First of all, Jake picked a bag full of bush beans. I simply steamed those. We picked a bunch of red leaf lettuce and cucumbers and made a tasty salad (the tomatoes aren't quite ready yet). The fun part was digging up the red potatoes. I had never grown them before and Olivia was simply fascinated with this. She loved digging and finding them. We filled a grocery bag. I took a number of the smaller ones, sliced them, sprinkled some dill and microwaved them until soft. Yummy Yummy. So with our salad, fresh beans, red potatoes, we grilled some tasty flat iron steaks. Oh, and the other night I made zucchini bread. I'll share my recipe later.

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Brunner said...

Sounds like your garden is growing well. I wanted a picture of it because I personally grew a garden with that much stuff and not much space a few years ago. There was vines everywhere--especially from the cantaloupe and cuc's. I had a hard time getting in to pick anything because there were plants everywhere. Happy gardening.