Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday in Perth

Okay, I have a few other pictures and stories to share from earlier in the week but I thought I'd just take a few minutes to share (or just record for my sake) how Sunday went today. First off, I was SO happy to be able to sleep in. It felt SO darn good to get up at 7 instead of the ridiculous hours I've been doing for the past week. Then a good hour run through the city of Perth. It included a run up to the top of a hill through some dense brush (just couldn't stay on the trail could you?). Then we went to church at a local meeting house. Using the LDS meetinghouse locator it wasn't too hard to find the church. We happened to pick the church that was right next to the Perth temple. It was nice to go to church today and it once again strengthens my testimony that this work is true. Afterwards we were invited to Nick and Marilyn Geracitano's home for dinner. There were a number of members that came along with a few people that are currently investigating the church. I'm so grateful for these kinds of opportunities that I get to meet such wonderful people from all over this world.

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