Sunday, August 03, 2008

Stay a.....w.....a.....k.....e

After a 20+ hour journey I arrived here in Melbourne, Australia. It's winter time and 16 hours ahead of home. I'm sure I looked like a fool in my shorts and flip flops while the Aussies were all bundled up in winter coats, scarfs, and gloves. It snows outside of Sydney just a few days ago. The weather was actually quite nice. The goal today? Stay awake. Just a couple more hours and I'll be able to crash. I"m looking forward to it. Last time I was here in Australia, I got up each morning around 4:30-5:00 and ran and swam. But that was in the Spring. Not quite as much daylight now. We had Chinese clay-pot meal for dinner and a walk around the town. Even though there aren't any leaves on the trees, the gardens are quite nice. The city is quite nice and I look forward to a good week here.


Tea said...

Do you know Jason from ?

I believe he's in Melbourne. Enjoy your trip. A few more hours and it's nighty night! Hang in there!

Jason said...

Welcome to Melbourne.

If you're interested in some orienteering check out and look up the street/park section for some possible races this week.

Otherwise, enjoy your time in Oz