Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Caversham Wildlife Park

There are just a few more pictures that I want to post to remember my time in Australia. Shortly after arriving in Perth I took Super Todd to a wildlife park to 1) feed the kangaroos and 2) meet some koalas up close. I'm not quite sure what the fascination with the koalas are. They sleep on average about 20 hours a day mostly living on leaves. No energy whatsoever. Is that a life?

This is the dominant male of the group. Actually, it's really the ONLY male of the group. Doesn't he look intimidating? He has a dozen or so girls in his group to keep him happy. Any boy babies that he helps create are moved away once they are big enough to leave momma's pouch.

My favorite pose. Just stick your head here and rest for a day or two, maybe a week. Who knows. A rare picture of a momma and her baby.


Tea said...

well...we have two apple trees in our backyard, and that picture is pretty much how I roll....get tired of collecting apples and just kind stick my face inbetween the branches.

If they weren't so far apart, I'd stick a hammock in there and really learn how to relax.

Brunner said...

Oh, how cute. You should have brought one back for Olive.