Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friends Down Under

My visit to Australia afforded me to see and visit with good friends. One of these was my friend and colleague, Andrzej Druzynski. Since my Polish is not too good, I normally just call him Andrew. Andrew and I met a number of years ago when I was working in South Africa. He lived there but was becoming more and more uneasy about living there. Shortly after I left he decided to move to Australia. So while I was in Perth, he and I were reunited and I got to meet his beautiful wife, Alicja. We had good food (hot waffles and ice cream) and some interesting items (bubble tea). Most enjoyable was our long talks about spirituality, God, and life in general. Quite fascinating discussions. I hope we will be reunited much sooner than this last time.

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Lydia said...

It's always fun reuniting with old friend. We'll have to do something with everyone again so we don't become "old friends" again.