Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Life is beautiful

I had to take a few minutes to record how I felt this morning. Out for a morning run a bit cold but I had to do the bridge-to-bridge loop here in Perth. It's about a 10K distance. On my iPod I was listening to "Life Is Beautiful". I couldn't think of a more appropriate song. Life is indeed beautiful. Here is part of the lyrics:

Life is beautiful, but it's complicated,
we barely make it.
We don't need to understand,
There are miracles, miracles.

Stand where you are.
We let all these moments pass us by.

It's amazing where I'm standing,
There's alot that we can give.
This is ours just for the moment,
There's alot that we can give.

1 comment:

Tea said...

I think that little tub scene with the kids will get any parent with kids close in age. :)

Thanks for posting the song. (I don't mean that in the superficial blogger way. I really mean it).