Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Get your one-a-day vitamins

A couple of months, I mentioned that I started taking the Nutriex Sport supplements and I promised you an update. Now, since then I don't think I've competed in any specific races. A few long bike rides and some good training but how do I tell if it is making a difference. First off a few details. I take (if I remember) 4 pills in the morning and another 4 in the evening. Seems pretty excessive especially if you're not a pill taker. The cost is about $55/month. The product is co-developed by Dr. Rosenberg, Tiger Wood's orthopedic doc. So naturally, he has Tiger on these supplements. I also found a good article about suppliments from a back issue of Cycling Utah. Search for the article "Rocket Fuel or Rubbish". So the real question is - Can I tell a difference? Well, I can't fly, stop trains, nor do I have X-ray vision but I do feel better. I believe that a couple of months ago I had some serious pain in my right leg which after talking to people, being the doctor that they, and I are, diagnosed it as an issue with my IBT band. Now, I do realize that I was recently properly fitted on my bike but more importantly, I have NOT had any issues with it since May. And I've had some pretty decent bike climbs and hard running sessions. I am SO glad that this hasn't given me any fits. Now, any coincidence? Maybe not. I do believe that even as well as I eat (no junky food) at my age I need extra vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Dr. Rosenberg claims that there is up to a 25% reduction in time required for safe return to sports compared to athletes experiencing nutritional deficiencies. Hmm. I'll take that. Anyhow, read the page, and see if it makes sense to you. Now, I strongly beleive that it just wasn't the supplments that had the positive results. I also paid MUCH more attention the past few months in good, solid stretching, and working on both IBT bands. I have found that a lacrosse ball works just fine although it is often recommended to use a slightly larger ball (from softball to basketball).

Additionaly, I recently started taking Glutamine after my workouts that last more than an hour. Not sure about this but it makes sense so we'll see how this goes. Here is a good (fairly short) read if you're not up on the benefits of taking L-Glutamine.

I welcome any and all comments and suggestions.

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