Saturday, July 05, 2008

Earl McCormick Davis

Okay, so the Davis name continues on. Up until this Thursday, the only boys to carry on the Davis name were JJ and Jake. Welcome, McCormick. Born Thursday morning to Josh and Jessica (by brother and his wife). The kids and I went to see the baby and present him with his first blanket/stuffed animal/rattle gift. Congratulations. Grantsville just increased in population by one. Jessica delivered at the new IHC Mega-complex. That place is HUGE. My sister, Kath works there in the Women's Center (on one of the lower floors).


Brunner said...

I wish I would have had my camera when I went to see him. But I forgot it. He's a cutie

... said...

Hey- Zachary is carrying on the Davis name as well! It may not be in a traditional sense, but I plan on having all my kids take on the Davis name.