Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cars and Models

Okay, so as part of our adventures a couple of days ago, we had a couple of hours to spare and thought that this "Cars and Models" show would be interesting. It definitely was interesting. I can't remember when (if ever) I have attended a car show and I thought we might see some new concept cars or technology here in Korea that we probably wouldn't see for a couple more years in the US. The first thing I noticed is that there were TONS of people with VERY nice cameras. Huh? Well, it quickly became obvious why people were there at the show. Take special note of the slides showing the people taking pictures. It was pretty funny. Enjoy.


Lydia said...

What a great "car" show. It looks like you are keeping busy in Korea

Tea said...

1.) Some of those women need to eat something.

2.) I just noticed your blog is hockeyguy....DUUUUUUDEEEEE....I went to know home of the PIONEERS....oh and a little thing we like to call THREE TIME back to back championships.

just sayin

Brunner said...

Looks like you went to that show with eyes wide open. ha! ha!

Angela's Kitchen said...

Why were there some pictures of just the cars?


Sean Ryan said...

That is awesome. I love not so hot car models. Yummy.