Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Templet i København

Okay, it's been just over a week so I'd better write while it is still fresh on my mind. Last Sunday it was my second day in Copenhagen. I decided to go for an early morning run. I had tried to figure out where church services were but after looking for it for over an hour I gave up. I knew about where the temple was so I thought I'd go looking for it. It is outside of the city (and off my map). After 30-40 minutes I found a building that I discovered was the church building. On the bottom floor was the distribution center. So I snapped a picture. No sooner had I done that then a couple of missionaries came out to see who was taking the pictures. They were a bit surprised to find a guy from Utah decked out in Under Amour and iPod. They were both from Provo and I got to talk to them for a while. They walked with me over to the temple which was just around the corner. They were pretty active, talking to anyone/everyone on the street. It was fun to see. The temple was beautiful. It is the first church that was converted from an existing building. It took a couple of years to make the transition and they did a beautiful job. There is a nice courtyard with a fountain and flowers and bushes. After walking around the grounds I finally ran back to my hotel.

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