Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jordanelle - Better, stronger, faster

Okay, I'm finally taking a few minutes to write about my second triathlon. Let's hope I don't leave anything out. First off, I felt like I was in much better shape and had a better idea what was going on. What was really cool, my buddy, Rich was going to do this one with me. It was only a few short months ago, Rich didn't even have a bike. He couldn't swim more than 100 meters without being out of breath, and had NO plans to compete in a tri. Well, first we got him a bike. Then we went riding. Riding alot. We would usually go for a long ride every Saturday morning. We ran a couple of road races and I got him to do the ULCER. This time around I decided to rent a wetsuit. Rich, Mr. Rich got to buy one. I'm really glad that I had one. It made a big difference this year in the swim. Rich and I drove up early (and I believe it was still dark). The one thing that I really don't like about this venue is that you have to park about 3+ miles away from the event and RIDE your bike and gear down from the parking lot. We checked in, picked up our packets, and got all marked up. The organizers changed things a bit and the bikes were in a different place. We walked down to the lake and soon we were swimming. I started off a bit too fast and was pretty much out of breath after about 100 meters or so. It took me another couple hundred meters before I could get into my rhythm. Soon the mile swim was over and I was climbing out of the lake and my wetsuit. I cut about 18 minutes off my swim time from last year. Nice improvement. I was soon on my bike. I rocked on the bike and averaged close to 21 mph for the 25 mile course. I felt really good. I knew Rich wasn't far behind so I kept pushing myself. I got off my bike and quickly put on my shoes. I do need to take the transition areas more seriously and try to cut down on my time there. Next was the run. My worst part. What was really strange is that I had rode SO hard on my bike that my thighs were completely cramped up. I could NOT stop or walk. It was too painful. I don't ever remember this happening. It took me a good mile or so before my legs loosened up. I did pretty good and cut a few minutes off my run time. The run is a bit difficult as there are a number of hills and trail sections. At any rate, I finished 24th in my age group. My swim time: 35:47, my bike time: 1:10:46, and my run time: 50:23. For some reason, I got tagged with a 2 minute penalty for some reason. Oh well. I was REALLY happy and I felt great. So how did my buddy do? Well, I kept thinking that he was going to pass me on the run. I kept looking back. No Rich. I crossed the finish line, and waited. And waited. And waited. I was getting worried when he finally crossed about 31 minutes later. He did NOT look good. He was really in lots of pain. Turns out, he did NOTHING to refuel. Had a bit of fluids but that was about it. I had food (a bar and gel after the swim and another gel after the bike. Plenty of fluids. Anyhow, after about 1/2 hour after he crossed the finish line, he was able to walk around and enjoy the moment. Way to go, Rich. I'm so glad that I have someone like you to train. Next event - California Half-Ironman! Go, Marshmallow man!

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