Tuesday, September 11, 2007

D-news 10K

Okay, so this event was almost 2 months ago but who cares! You don't have to read this. You can go on living your pathetic, insignificant life (jk). Utahns celebrate the 24th of July as the day when the Mormon pioneers first came into the Salt Lake Valley. After doing a decent job at the Provo Freedom Festival 10K, and with my "buddy" Rich still being totally excited about running in these races, we signed up to run the 10K. Rich, Marcella, and I got up early and headed up to the Research Park by the University of Utah for the starting point. The race is more or less down hill so the times are a bit skewed. I finished around 50:30 (by far my best time) with Rich at 45:30. Since then, we often refer to each other's time when address/calling/e-mailing each other. Marcella also did really well and even beat one of our neighbors (Brian). Brian's wife, Jane, however kicked all of our butts. After the race, we walked up to my Dad's house and hung out there for a bit before they took us up to our car. Next year we are running in the marathon which should be quite interesting. Well, that's about all I remember. So there you have it. No pictures, just memories.

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