Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rich's ULCER

Okay, on Saturday, August 11 Rich and I rode in the ULCER (Utah Lake Century Epic Ride). The major bummer is that I have no pics so you'll just have to close your eyes (wait, then you won't be able to read what I'm writing). Okay, go get someone else to read this out loud while you close your eyes. The ride (111 miles) started and finished at Thanksgiving Point. Since this isn't too far from our house we decided to ride down and back instead of parking down there. This added another 14 miles or so for the total trip. What was amazing is that we ran into a few others that rode from 30-40 miles away to do the ride so their today clip was 170+ for the day.
They had a breakfast there but I had already eaten. This year, unlike last year the ride went completely around the lake. We stopped somewhere in Orem, and then again in Springville and then in Goshen for lunch. I will feeling pretty good at that point. We had going about 60 miles or so. Rich was a bit miserable (neck and shoulder). We stuck together most of the time which was so much better than last year. Last year I was pretty much on my own for the entire second half. After lunch we were on the back side of Utah Lake and I was really enjoying the ride. I could go 20-23 mph for quite a while without much effort. We finally made it back to the starting point. I can't remember how long it took (maybe 7 hours or so). Rich was not a happy man climbing up the hill to our neighborhood. I could do that every Saturday. If only.
We are preparing for LOTOJA. Here is a great article from this year's race. Come join us!

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