Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A girl named Eline

Okay, so I really don't know this girl. Yesterday I thought her name was Majken but today I think it is Eline. Does it really matter? Anyhow, here's the story. She works here at GUES. She was here on Sunday when I was trying to set up my display booth. She asked me where I was from and when I said Utah, she replied, "oh, I went to BYU for a couple of semesters". Pretty strange. She and another Danish friend got scholarships to attend BYU for a year. She said that it was pretty hard for a beer-drinking party girl just out of high school to go to BYU but she said that she had a good experience. She came to BYU right before 9/11 and was there during the 2002 Winter Olympics. What a great experience she had and kudos to BYU for giving her the opportunity.

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