Sunday, September 21, 2008

We missed you!

Okay, this post is mostly for the girl that lives in Kansas that didn't bother showing up today for September birthdays. You could have EASILY driven over and back this weekend. We had VERY tasty salmon (grilled by John), a nice appetizer of humus and bagel chips and pita chips, yummy salsa from Mike. We topped it all off with cake and pie (peach and raspberry). Some people had already left (Megster, Alma, Adam), some were in the car (Trish and kids), some were on the phone (John w/ Matt), some were home pretending to be sick (Tom - but we really know that he was home making out with his girlfriend). Anyhow, Happy B-day Sandy, Alice-Ann, and Noah. We missed you Sar-bear.


Mike and Sarah said...

Thanks Jeff! It's nice to see pics of everyone. I'm glad that you could be there, and thank you for making me jealous by telling me about all the yummy food you guys ate. Sorry I can't be there :(

Sandy said...

Jeff you are awesome! Thanks for including my family on your blog. It was fun to see you this past weekend--thanks for taking care of me on my birthday! I love the photos, especially the one of Nick. I think Sarah was quite amused and got the it really that far?--Sandy