Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Final Word on Bear Lake

Okay, sitting here in McCarran airport is giving me a few minutes to catch up on other's blogs and finish up a bit here as well. There were SO many good pictures taken on our Bear Lake trip. I just can't include them all (nor do you want to see them all). Our second day started with a 10 mile run around the lake. Yes, it was just myself. No one else wanted to join me (whatever). It didn't even turn out to be 10 miles (only about 9). I was NOT looking forward to my long run but once I got a few miles into it I was enjoying it. I had a nice trail to use and it was a beautiful day.

The rest of the day was mainly centered around our visit to Minnetonka Cave. I had never even heard of this cave. It is quite long and a bit chilly but it was well worth the 2 hour wait we had to go inside. The nice thing is that there is no 1.5 mile straight up hike to the opening of the cave (like Timp cave). Lots of stairs, however, inside the cave. If you're in the area, I recommend a visit. They are only open June through Labor Day.

This was Olive's favorite scene, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". Can't you see them? BA and I joked through the entire tour about how much imagination and make-up-stuff the tour guides come up with. "Hey, everyone, this is Casper. Over there is a witch, and there is Abe Lincoln, the entire solar system, a collection of ants, grasshoppers, and butterflies". Whatever! It's just like in the summertime, looking up at the clouds and saying, "Hey, can you see the pirate ship?" Oh well, the kids liked it, and BA loved "the cave bacon"

The was ONE rock that you could freely touch inside the cave. Of course we had to snap a picture.

I tried locking my sister (and everyone else behind her) in the cave, but she was too smart and figured out how to get out.

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Mike and Sarah said...

Looks like fun. Minnetonka cave is pretty sweet; We've been there too.