Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dilbert's perspective on the economy

Okay, it's not Dilbert's perspective but Scott Adams the creator of Dilbert. Since the beginning of time I have followed Dilbert. I have a stuffed Dilbert (and Dogbert) in my office along with other paraphernalia. I read an interesting article this morning which I'm not sure really helps me in the end. I did enjoy these two quotes:

"Moneywise, I can't support a candidate who promises to tax the bejeezus out of my bracket, give the windfall to a bunch of clowns with a 14 percent approval rating (Congress), and hope they spend it wisely.

Unfortunately, the alternative to the guy who promises to pillage my wallet is a lukewarm cadaver. I'm in trouble either way."

One thing I can agree with and stand up for is that in this particular poll the highest economic priority was education. Besides our out of control spending I think education is the most important issue. Energy and Security are below this. I really feel strongly about the need to address the education of our children and our children's children. What we are doing now is not working. We are falling further and further behind the world's learned.

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TriBoomer said...

You bring up some good points. I've often thought that education should not be a function of the federal government. I believe the responsibility of educating our children should be left to parents, private institutions, and local governments.

Stay tuned...

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