Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday thoughts

Some of your are aware that I'm "pouring" over the pages of Faster, Better, Stronger. I'm about a third the way through it and I find it informing and at times fascinating. Towards the back the authors provide a formula for calculating your VO2max. It's not super accurate but it is a good gauge and so I'm going to keep track of it each week for the next several months and see how it goes. Maybe I'll even list it hear for your benefit. Anyhow, before going to bed tonight I read the last page of the book and it refers to Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert's recent study. He did a study in which the research subjects strongly believed that a $30K increase in income would make them much happier. Are YOU like that? Do you know people like that? Anyhow, the study also found that the subjects also felt equally strongly that adding a 30 minute walk to their daily routine would be of TRIVIAL importance. Really???? Dr. Gilbert's research suggests that the added income is FAR less likely to increase happiness than the addition of a regular walk. Now WONDER I'm so dang HAPPY!

I also found a good article on Happiness in the NY Times. You can google his name and find others as well. Well, carry on, readers of blogs and go for a walk, or a swim, or a bike ride, or SOMETHING!


Kona Shelley said...

I think the more you make, the more you's all relative. AND..I don't think money makes you happy!!

Lydia said...

Who needs more money to be happy? Look at us we never have money and we are totally happy.