Sunday, February 22, 2009

Suppliments and Nutrition

So last week when I was making my shoe purchase I decided to pick up some of the new GU gels. If you don't run like a madman or compete in crazy triathlons you may have no clue about GU (what a poet). There are a number of similar products out there and I've tried most of them. Hammer gels are pretty good and typically don't contain the caffeine. However, GU usually wins out as the choice of gooey liquid that I swallow trying to get calories, carbs, amino acids and a host of other things into my body. Here's a great comparison chart. I've never once had an issue with my stomach getting upset. So today, during our 4 hour workout I had the chance to try the new stuff. I tried the blueberry pomegranate. Not a bad taste at all. I finished my workout feeling good. Bike, run, bike, run, bike. It was a great fun. It's hard to tell if the GU was making a difference. However, having "bonked" a few times in the past, I wasn't going to let something like that happen. Keep up with the nutrition and listen to your body. That's the key. So for anything of any distance, GU will continue to be part of my life (and wallet).


RBR said...

I recently started using Perpeteum (by Hammer)for workouts over 3 hours and I am pretty impressed with how good I feel and it reduces the amount of Gu I have to ingest (honestly, after mile 17 on the run, the thought of eating Gu makes me gag)

They say not to use it with simple carbs (like Gu or Cliff shot blocks) but I do and I have eaten real food with it (fig newtons) and have had no problems. Just thought I would mention it.

As per your comment, Healthy and happy is the most attractive of all! So, no it was not for "nothing." ;o)

Oh, and OMG less than 4 months!

R. Jeffrey Davis said...

Then I am pretty darn attractive! Yes, 4 months! Scary. We do Oceanside first week of April so that will be a good warm up.