Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Jocks of Wymount

So this week I had lunch with a few guys from the Wymount days of college. Wymount is sometimes endearingly called "the rabbit hutches". This is the on campus married student housing. What do you do here besides study for tests? Well, make babies of course. Looking back it all seemed so simple back then. Go to class, study, make babies, go to class again. Anyhow, I'm digressing. So Chris Rushing was in town to take his son to BYU. I cannot believe the cycle is beginning again. I haven't seen him since 93. Chris played volleyball for the Y and now coaches back east at Eastern Carolina University. He hasn't changed much. Next to him is Brian Simpson. He played baseball for the Y. Next to him is the guy that is getting WAY too skinny (that's why I'm eating some rice pudding as I compose this). Next to me is Eric "Money" Drage. Eric played football and was on the recieving end of most of Ty Detmer's passes. Eric held many BYU and NCAA records until this year when Austin Collie stole them from him. Next to Eric is MCB (Matthew Christian Bain). We had a great laugh and a great visit.

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