Sunday, May 28, 2006

Coming to the Caribbean

Well, our trip finally arrived. After a very busy month, we are now on our trip. We left SLC yesterday morning. Our friends, Tim and Di, are traveling with us. Thank goodness for Medallion status as we had nice seats the entire trip over. We first flew to Atlanta where are stay there was very uneventful. Crappy food. Don't bother eating at Great Wraps in the A concourse. Nothing great about them at all. Our flight to San Juan took just under 3 hours. We were on one of the newer planes with the personal entertainment systems. I watched a cool program on climbing that JJ would have loved. Then I started playing this trivia game. It was fun because you play against the other passengers. Tim and Di and I were all playing (Marcella was either sleeping or reading her book). I won one game but Wendy (some chick in row 32) pretty much kicked our butts. We got in around 10 pm. We got in a taxi to take us to our hotel. I knew that it was close since it was an airport hotel. The driver didn't know where it was so he had to ask directions. As it turned out the hotel was AT the airport. So the driver took us OUT of the airport and BACK in and dropped us off in front from a whopping $10 plus tip. What a rip. Oh well. Live and learn. We dropped off our bags and walked over to Wendy's for a late night bite to eat.

Tim was up at the crack of dawn. I needed a bit more sleep. I got up around 7:30 and went for a run. Already pretty hot and very muggy. After running completely AROUND the airport, I jogged over to the beach where I met up with Tim. I got him to turn around and go to the beach. We dropped our shorts and went for a swim (this only after our adventure in trying to go through one of the hotels to get to the beach access. WHAT A PAIN!). The water on Isle Verde beach was quite nice although the water was quite salty (DUH!). After the swim we ran back. We did get stopped by a policeman because Tim was running sans shirt. Now after a nice breakfast of juice, bananas, and cereal, we are ready for the next part of our adventure. We don't have to get on the ship until tonight. So we'll probably spend the afternoon walking around Old San Juan.


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Norm said...

Yo, Jeff. Greetings from England. We are having a smashing time. We did a little research at the last second and we have been able to visit several villages where my ancestors used to live. Including the town where we are staying, coincidentally. We also did ziplines and high adventure tree climbing in Sherwood Forest, among other things. Off to Normandy in the morning. I need to update my blog.

It was fun to read about your trip over. I hope your trip is going well.