Monday, May 01, 2006

Spring break - Moab, UT

For several years, the Davis family would spend Spring Break in Moab. If you are not familiar with this part of the world, you really need to make a trip. For the first few years we would camp. It was fun trying to stuff our Honda Accord with all of our camping equipment. Then we got our first SUV and we still were always stuffing it with every piece of camping equipment. The last year we went we stayed in a small cabin located in town. This allowed us to leave things like the tent, chairs, and sleeping pads at home. We really enjoyed the cabin experience.

Then came the building of our house and for the past 4 years we didn't make it down to Moab. This year we determined to continue the tradition. So a few months back, I searched online and determined that the 2 room cabin at the Moab KOA would be a good choice. We had invited the entire Draper family to come with us but only Tim and Bailey ended up going. In order to be comfortable we drove seperately but once in Moab we all piled in the Ascender.

The kids were out of school all week so we left on Wednesday morning (okay it was noon before we rolled out of here) and came back on Saturday night.

I'll break it up for each day.

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