Saturday, June 07, 2008

We present the class of 2008!

A BIG congrats to Alexandra Lee Davis. Somehow she was able to pull it out and barely graduate from the most popular high school in the world. Just kidding. Ali was the senior class president of East High Leopards. She was a straight A student and graduated with honors. She had scholarships to a number of universities and for some strange reason chose Utah State University. I think my father had given up all hope that any of his children would attend his alma mater. Besides student leadership, Ali was a big part of the back to back state swimming championships. She is an accomplished piano player and many, many other talents. The graduation ceremony was held at Abravanel Hall. I was quite impressed with their new school principal, Paul Sagers. This was his first year and he had made quite an impact on the students. For example, he had a goal to lose 100 pounds this year and he promised the students that if he did, he would take them all to Raging Waters. Again, congrats to Ali!

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