Saturday, June 07, 2008

Summer's here.....well sort of

How do I know that it's summer? The bubble is removed from AF pool. It's probably been off for a couple of weeks but today was my first chance to swim outside. Boy did it feel great. I SO MUCH prefer to swim outside then inside like I've been doing for the past 10 freakin' months. The only mishap of the morning was while attempting a flip turn my big toe caught the top edge of the pool and sliced it open. As I continued to swim, a nice trail of blood followed me. It's a good thing I wasn't swimming in the ocean.

I SO much enjoyed the pool today and Olive and I went back this afternoon for 2 more hours of fun. She likes the water just as much as I do. I can tell you that she and I will be spending lots of time at the pool this summer. She is a pretty good swimmer already (albeit never had any formal lessons). Good times.

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