Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Carbon footprint

Yeah, whatever. Even though I deal with environmental issues every day, I'm not really buying this carbon footprinting stuff (sorry). However, I thought I'd do my part and ride to work yesterday. That was great! Just over 20 miles in just about an hour. Felt great and I even didn't get too sweaty. My colleagues reminded me that we do have a bike rack outside the office (as my bike was instead brought into my office). I was planning on riding home AFTER the 5 o'clock traffic but a late invitation to see my niece/nephew's piano recital necessitated that I leave early. Not a super pleasant experience but I still maintained the 20+ mph average. I figured I saved about $8 yesterday in gas. I can bet that it won't be only day I give the TL a rest. I enjoy riding. Yeah, no snow!

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