Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I hope this NEVER happens to me!!!!!


Kevin said...

but if it does and someone gets it on video! Just think, you'll be 'tubefamous'.

Sean Ryan said...

It's happened to me!19 hundred and 86 on my way home from the YMCA where I was a camp counsler in Maryland. Almost the exact same way! Nobody caught it on tape though. I was flying down a hill when I entered the "T" intersection the road was wet, my brakes were wet and didn't respond. When I tried to make the turn my bike and I slammed on to my right side. Slid through the intersection, missed the front end of a car coming the opposite direction and slammed into the curb! I hit my bike so hard after it hit the curb that I layed in the parking strip for what seemed to be forever bleeding. The best part was that none of the cars who almost ran me over stopped. Maybe because they were mad, or because it was raining, or maybe because they were all angry that they lived in Maryland and not California. I don't even remember how I got home.