Monday, July 02, 2007

Are you happy?

This afternoon, I read this on another blog. I'm not sure who to attribute it to except Grant Nielsen's former boss in Seattle. He said that you only needed 3 things to be happy. They are 1) Something to do, 2) Someone to love, and, 3) Something to look forward to.

Does that work for you?

BTW, this same boss also said that you can tell everything you need ot know about a person by his watch, and the trunk of his car. Hmmmm. My Swatch battery died back in January. I wore it anyhow for a couple of months. Still haven't replaced that battery. My trunk has more or less the following items (an old computer bag, some chocolate covered almonds, a couple of towels I use for washing my car, a few papers, and my Walking on Eggshells book). It looks pretty good compared to what it's looked like in the past.

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