Thursday, July 05, 2007

Freedom Festival Run

Happy 4th of July! To start off the day, Marcella, JJ, Jake, and I got up around 5 am to travel to Provo to run in the Freedom Festival Run. This was Jake's first run ever and so you have to give him big snaps! Marcella would also be running just a little over a week after getting in a car accident where she was taken to the hospital. Marcella, JJ, and Jake all ran in the 5K race while I (along with my BUDDY, Rich) ran in the 10K race. We had a blast (well except for me at the end, I was hating it). Here are a couple of pics. The first is us at the finish line and the other one is with our cool t-shirts. Way to go, gang!

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Sean Ryan said...

You guys rock.