Saturday, July 28, 2007

Delta Siteseer Challenge

Okay, a couple of weeks ago my "buddy", Rich Landers and I decided to enter in to the Delta Siteseer Challenge. The idea was to make a 2 minute video showing why they should pick you. Rich and I had a good time hiking, biking, playing basketball, and just joking in front of the camera. I think we should try and enter in another contest. I REALLY thought we had a chance and to see the people that actually got picked, it is pretty LAME. Oh well, sour grapes. So now that we didn't get picked I thought I would post the video to YouTube. This is my FIRST post there. So, enjoy!

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Kevin said... wonder why you didn't get selected? Wow. Yet, another post that leaves me speechless. Well, except for what I just wrote. Well, nevermind.