Thursday, June 07, 2007

Have I been here???

Have you ever gone someone for a few days and then not return for nine years? I must be getting old because it has been difficult to remember the places here in Belgrade. Some places, sure. I remember but others not. My first day here in Belgrade and my friends Zoran and Snezana came to see me. I went and hung out at their flat. Of course my luggage was "trapped" somewhere at Charles de Gaulle. I spent all of 20 minutes in that airport before boarding the plane to Belgrade. Well at least I got a toothpick sized toothbrush, a mini deo-4-b.o, and an undershirt. Such a lovely experience wearing the same clothes for 3 days straight. Oh well. It really doesn't bug me much any more because it happens so often. I just wish I'd throw an extra pair of garments in my computer bag and maybe a shirt. My hotel is decent enough. In the quite part of town. Nice. The first day we walked around downtown and stopped to see "The Victor" at Kalemegdan.

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