Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Extra Protein

Last week I was at my friend's home and having some lunch (soup, roast beast, potatoes, and salad). I was on my third helping of salad when I noticed a small worm on one of the lettuce leaves. Yum yum. I wondered how many worms I had already eaten. Oh well. I was polite and thanked them for a wonderful meal.

THEN, this morning, I thought I would have a bowl of cereal. A few years ago, I had cereal every morning. Now, my usual is toast, banana, yogurt, and juice. For some reason, cereal sounded good. I'm chomping away, and I notice what looked like a bug. Hmmm. Maybe not enough sleep last night. Maybe a bit of paranoia. After all, I was almost finished with my tasty bowl. I examined further. Yes, bugs. Not sure what type, but definitely bugs. So I got out the container of the cereal and did some further examination. FULL of BUGS! So I dumped the rest of my bowl down the sink and emptied the cereal in the trash.

Gross? Not really.


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