Friday, June 16, 2006

Other bloggers....

I wanted to point out a few good posts that I've read the past couple of days. Such good stuff. Norm just got back from his "European vacation". Give it a read. He is a big history nut and he got to visit Normandy DURING the D-Day celebration.

On Kevin's Clariticity, you can read about the new change with the Coinstar machines. You now have the option of getting iTunes cards or Amazon cards instead of cash. The best part? No 9% fee.! Also, if you are wondering what to get your Pops for Father's day, look no further.

However, the best post goes to a guy I've never met. Several months ago I started reading this guy's blog about "Becoming Ironman". I tell you, this guy is a blogger. You may not find his stuff interesting but I love reading it. Today I read his post about getting a haircut recently. If you want a good laugh, give it a read. I was ROFLMAO.

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