Friday, June 30, 2006

My three contacts

Okay, I know that I STILL haven't written about the cruise, my trip to Vicksburg, or last week's trip to Zion National Park. HOWEVER, this week was a pretty interesting, stressful, depressing, awful, ugly week at work. On Wednesday afternoon I cracked (big time). I'm not going to go into details but let's say it was bad enough. SO....., after talking to a good friend/counselor, she told me that I needed to write down the names of my three contacts. The first two were pretty easy but I had a hard time with the third. Now, I certainly don't want to offend anyone or make anyone feel bad but the criteria was if I called you would you NO MATTER WHAT, drop everything and answer my call.

#1 - my wife, Marcella Davis
#2 - my sister, Jennifer Anderson
#3 - my friend, Clark Henderson

What's funny is that I'm pretty sure that none of these three people will ever read this or know about this but that's okay. I know that I could call them. The last thing I'm supposed to do is sign it. So let it be.

R. Jeffrey Davis

p.s. just remember, it's only a job.
p.s.s. work your job or hate your money


Kevin said...

Well, if Clark craps out on ya you can pencil me in for #4. NO MATTER WHAT.
Sorry I haven't been there more for you. Hope everything is ok and working itself out.
BTW, you still owe me a ride in your new 'ride'. So, if you ever want to go for a Jamba just give a jingle.


R. Jeffrey Davis said...

Thanks! And don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you and the promised ride.

Norm said...

I was just thinking, "Hmmm.... I haven't read Jeff's blog in ages; I should check it out." That's when I stumbled across this. I would hope you would feel comfortable calling me as well.

Take care, brother.