Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Skiing at The Canyons

JJ and Jake were out of school on Monday and so we thought it would be a great idea to take them skiing. This was their very first time. Over the past couple of years they have wanted to learn how to snowboard but I've told them that they had to learn how to ski first. We had a blast. We rode the gondola up to mid-mountain. I gave them the basic lesson of the snowplow and then it was up the lift. The Canyons is a large and quite pretty ski resort.

Jake was a bit frustrated the first couple of runs because of all the little kids speeding down the hill past him. But he quickly got the hang of it. JJ had no problem at all. In fact, he was going down the hill about two times for each time Jake and I made it down. Mid afternoon JJ was speeding down "Snow Dancer" and was a bit out of control. He crashed pretty hard and hurt his ankle/foot enough that he couldn't stand on it. So I went and retrieved the Ski Patrol. They wrapped him up nice and tight and then took him down the mountain. It was quite an adventure for all of us. I'm glad that I had my camera handy to take the cool pictures. After we picked JJ up from the First Aid station, he graciously told us to finish out the day. We set him up with a book, his iPod, his Gameboy, and Sean Hannity. Jake and I got in several more good runs. It was a great day. Not too cold, a little bit of fresh snow and not very many people on the slopes. Later that night we took JJ to the instant care to have his foot x-rayed. Nothing broken but he'll have to stay off it for a few days.


Kevin said...

HA! Caught ya! Up to your old tricks again? Remember the first (and last) time I went skiing? Off the tram at Snowbird? Ya, I though you had forgotten. Luckily there was no need for ski patrol that day. But, it has 'scarred' me for life ;)
I'm glad he's ok.

Norm said...

You set him up with Sean Hannity? Hadn't he already suffered enough? Man, that's cruel.

Mike said...


Norm beat me to the punch on the Hannity comment. :-)