Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mitt Romney, the Mormon

Several months ago I started following this Elect Romney in 2008 blog. Today I read an interesting post from the Daily Kos. I've never heard of this site before but I did find it interesting. For me it is pretty difficult to sift throught the left vs. the right crap that we are always pelted with. Anyhow, give it a read and let me know what you think.

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Kevin said...

This daily kos guy made me very angry. I really bristle at people that are so naive and make grandiose statements like the Mormon church is a "cult". It is obvious that most of these people have not taken the few minutes of time it would take to do some research. A little bit of time on a few church web sites and I think you can get a picture that we are not a cult and we are not something to fear being brainwashed by. Oh, and the whole we are not Christian thing. PUHHHHLEASE! Would people get over that already! Go to one Mormon sacrament meeting. Just one. Spend an hour away from your liberal left wing pot smoking crazy drug induced coma life and go to one sacrament meeting and then tell me we are a cult and that we are not Christian. I dare you!
I'm so sick of it. And, yes I know, it is just beginning. If Mitt keeps going this type of talk is going to accelerate. My only hope is that by all that nastiness some more of the real truth can get out there to people that have open minds and are real truth seekers. I have faith that this will happen. I have to or this type of crap will turn me into a sour whining curmudgeon.