Friday, September 10, 2004

Finding Freiberg

After missing a chance a couple of years ago to visit Freiberg, I was determined to visit and find the Temple. How big could Freiberg be anyhow? So I drove down from Berlin and starting searching. And searching, And searching. I turned away disappointed but what did I expect. No map. No idea what I was even looking for. I came back to Berlin, looked up the address on the Internet and determined to go back and find it. It being the Freiberg Temple, the first temple build behind the Iron Curtain. Tonight I drove right to it (I was just a street away the first time). What a treat! I met not only Temple President but also a group of Hungarians on their first visit to the temple. What a treat!

Afterwards, I strolled down the walking/shopping area of town and found what…a dürüm
shop! So good I just had to have two. I topped it off with a cup of ice cream.

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