Friday, September 10, 2004

Arrive Alive! The Autobahn

“Slow dow!” she says……”You’ll get a ticket!”…..Have you even just wanted to drive and know that no matter how fast you went, you would never see those blue and red lights in your rear view mirror. Try driving on the Autobahn. Sure there are some areas where the speed limit is posted but once you pass construction areas or on/off ramps, it is time to go go go. But beware! Do not get in the inside lane unless you’re prepared to go fast. Even going speeds of over 190 kph I was passed like I was standing still. The Nissan that I was driving didn’t go much faster than 200 but that’s fast enough for me
(that’s 125 mph). Driving fast is fun but it sure is expensive. Gas here in Germany is more than $5/gal.

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