Friday, September 10, 2004

Back in Berlin

Well after just a few short days in the Canterbury neighborhood, I traveled back to one of my favorite cities, Berlin. After some last minute rerouting, I went through Houston and Amsterdam before arrive in Berlin. The weather has been nice and I’ve had an enjoyable time (even though I’ve been working 14+ hours a day). I decided that every morning I’d get up and go running. It’s been hard but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

Went to a “Beer Garden” to watch the friendly match between Germany and Brazil. No way I was getting a ticket in the recently renovated Olympic Stadium. We strolled around Berlin after the match looking for a dürüm MADE FROM BEEF. We had to settle on falafels from a Lebanese eatery. Afterwards I witnessed first hand the party scene (Berlin style). Lots of drinking, smoking, dancing, and loud music. Just what I pictured.

Wonderful food and courteous people!

Thanks, Berlin!

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