Friday, January 23, 2009

Painter's Half Mary

Some say that the third weekend in January is the most depressive time of the year. Failed New Year's resolutions, the weather, and consumer debt from holiday spending. I'm not sure about the first one. The pool is packed more than ever before. The weather HAS been cold and snowy. Consumer spending just didn't happen this year. Whatever. It was time to head South and leave it all behind. Enter, the St. George Painter's Half Marathon. Conditions were almost perfect. Just a tab bit cool but nice. I knew I could do it under 2 hours. I thought if I could average 8min/miles that I would be VERY happy. And lo and behold, I did. I finished at 1:47 and I was happy. I didn't really push it, just tried concentrating on keeping my pace for 13 miles. Happy. Of course my peeps cheering me on just made the run that much more pleasant. The rest of the weekend was spent flying kites, playing lacrosse OUTSIDE, lying on the grass, swimming, sliding down the hydrotube (too many times to count), eating yummy breakfasts by Grammy, and a nice visit to Aunt Joann and Uncle Paul's.

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