Friday, January 23, 2009

Dads and Donuts

So maybe you are familiar with this tradition. To encourage reading and to get Dads more involved, our schools sponsor "Dads and Donuts" where we arrive early to school, eat donuts and read with our children. I was quite happy that despite getting up earlier than normal, Olive was cheerful and excited about the event. We were one of the first ones at the school and staked a nice corner on the carpeted stage. Laying down on our pillow that we brought we read for about a 1/2 hour. The donut part? Yes, Olive ate hers. I just couldn't see putting in me. Call me a nutrition snob but I can think of a million better things I would eat before a donut. A great time that I look forward to each year with my kids. Read on!


Marcus & Lindsay said...

yOUR PICTURE IS NOT SO CONVINCING. Olivia looks a little less then thrilled. Oh well. Hope it was fun.

Lara said...

Olive looks slightly P-O'd. Can I just remind you of a tiny grammatical thing? Send me a request on Facebook, and I'll tell ya'.

Diana and Fam said...

Now I understand the whole donut and dad thing. One day when my kids are in school then I will know what you are talking about. Looks like fun!