Friday, January 23, 2009

Closer to being a fish

I enjoy swimming. I'm not fast (believe me, I'm not being a Sandbagger when I say that). There are SO many much better swimmers. But I enjoy swimming. I think I'm getting better. I feel I'm getting stronger. Today my buddy and I hit the pool for a rare mid afternoon workout. We would do about 2500-3000 meters today (I didn't even keep track). 3 times I wanted to see where I was with my 100m split time. After swimming about 1/2 hour or so I was at 1:38. Not bad. 15 minutes later I was at 1:33. Towards the end of our swim, I was at 1:26. It wasn't full out but at a pretty good clip. For me, I'm happy with that kind of time. Now if I could keep that up that pace is about a 23 minute mile. That would be awesome! Right now I'm around a 32 minute mile. Keep working hard and I know that I can be down there. I'm closer to becoming a fish.

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Laura said...

It is too bad we don't live closer. Colby is a fish and our children are following in his footsteps.