Thursday, October 14, 2004

¿Que es un callejeada?

I’ll tell you what it is. We met in the center of town. We were all given these tiny porcelain cups that were worn around our necks. Then these cups were filled with Tequilla. The Mariachi band began to play. The singing starts and so does the dancing. Once everyone is in a good mood, and the sun starts to set, the singing and dancing and drinking take to the streets. We wound our ways through the tiny streets of the city. It was quite amazing. Every few blocks we would stop and dance. The people of the town would come out to watch, clap, and enjoy the party. After marching around for more than an hour, we ended up in this big square. It was nicely decorated and there was plenty of food (and more Tequilla). The dancing was lots of fun. There is a group of people that I have hung out with this week. Most of them were in my class that I taught. The girls were from Hungary, Italy, Brazil, and Italy, and the guys were from Argentina and Mexico. We have really had a good time together. It was quite an experience.

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Kevin said...

What is your 'job' again?