Monday, October 11, 2004

Menudo in Mexico

My title was originally ‘Mande Mexico” because most Mexican use the word “mande” when they didn’t hear something or they want you to repeat something. But eating some very tasty menudo on Saturday night forced me to change. I traveled to Zacatecas on Friday and arrived at the hotel late that night. For a surprisingly short distance, it took me all day to get here. I’m sure I paid too much for the taxi ride from the airport to the hotel but oh well.

My hotel is on the edge of the town center and the city it quite pretty. It is located in the center of Mexico about 400 miles north of Mexico City. It is quite an old city and still has the colonial feel to it. I believe it was founded in the late 1500’s.

I taught a class on Saturday and Sunday to a group of people from 12 different countries. Even though most were from Spanish speaking countries I taught the class in English. After the class on Saturday some of the local participants took me around the city for a bit and then I went to one of their homes for a small dinner. The menudo was very tasty.
I also had some other fruits and such that I had never tried before. Another funny thing is the house where I visited, they had a big eagle in a cage on their front porch. You would never see that in the States.

On Sunday night I went to Mass (I couldn’t find a iglesias Mormona). It is quite entertaining. I also hiked up the big hill (Cerro del Bufo) that overlooks the city. It is quite an impressive view.

There is a congress that runs all week so I’ll be pretty busy (selling my wares as my mother puts it). The people here in Zacatecas want me to come back next year to teach another class.

If anything unusual happens, I’ll be sure to write about it.

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Kevin said...

Menudo? Isn't that a singing group from the 80's?
You ate them? Man, I knew they were having hard times but to go to the middle of Mexico and give yourself to cannibalism. That's just sad... ;)